Thursday, August 6, 2009

injectable "Wheaties"

So, we saw the doctor yesterday and today I start taking the second injection... what I like to call injectable "Wheaties." This is the medicine that makes the eggs grow big and strong... like Mary Lou Retton. That's who was on my Wheaties box when I was a kid. Sidenote: she's who inspired me to become a competive gymnast for 7 years of my life. Who was on your Wheaties box?

Back from the bunny trail... so here we go. It all happens pretty quickly from here. I'll take these shots for the next 7-12 days depending on how quickly the eggs grow. I'll see the doctor again next Tuesday to see how I'm doing. The egg retrieval should happen on or somewhere around the 17th. Wow!

Another side note: This past Tuesday, I woke up with a bad sore throat which has now turned into a full fledged cold or something. The doctor is being very aggressive about making sure I stay healthy. (I haven't had a cold or anything in about a year and half... hmmm.) So, I'm on an antibiotic and I had to get a test to make sure it's not the flu. We won't know until tomorrow. Please pray that it's not the flu and that I'll get well ASAP!! My body needs all the energy it can muster plus all it's back-up reserves for this process. It's very important to get well. Plus I just feel crummy :(

But nevertheless, we are excited! It all feels a bit surreal that we are finally moving forward. Is this really happening?

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