Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All About Lucas!

As of today, Lucas is 10 months and 3 weeks old. His hair is getting blonder and he has some golden strawberry highlights. He needs his nails cut :) Three days ago, he pulled himself up to standing all by himself. Now he keeps doing it and wants to cruise around the furniture... very wobbly of course! He weighs about 20 lbs and still has those awesome cheeks! He has 7 teeth! 4 on top and a 3rd coming in on bottom. He loves his dog! Right now they are playing on the floor with a ball. Sometimes they have a hard time figuring out whose toy is whose? Lucas' favorite activities: banging on any surface he can (if he has a stick to do it with... all the better!), playing with his blocks, crawling all over the house, swinging at the park, looking at books, Skyping with Grandlilly and eating "big people food." I'm hoping to soon add "playing at the pool" to that list. He's a great sleeper: 12 hours at night and 2 naps a day. That's our boy!

I haven't posted any new pictures on the blog in a while. There are more up on Facebook. So, enjoy! I sure do love this kid!

Jake, the dog, in bed with Lucas! Luc thought this was a riot!

Lucas and Daddy at church on Palm Sunday. I wish I had better pictures of that outfit! He was sooo cute! Today, Lucas said his first word... "Dada!" So sweet :)

Bathtime last week!

Right out of the bath :)

Family time before bed! I always try to give Lucas a bottle, but if Daddy and Jake are in there with us... he ends up on the floor playing.

I gave Lucas one shelf on the bottom of the butcher block in the kitchen. So the items on that shelf are his to play with. I found my spatula in the bathroom this morning. Wonder how that got there!

This was a few weeks ago. Just playing! People ask me all the time if he's always happy. My answer is "Yup! Pretty much."

This picture is my new screensaver on my computer! I think that's a maple and barley teething biscuit all over his face! Just in case you were wondering if it's something fun like a cupcake... no, not yet! We plan to give him his first taste of sugar on his birthday. Nana says it's mean to deprive him! But right now, I have a kid who likes kale, plain oatmeal and carrots. You don't mess with that!

Naked playtime! He loves his train David and Phaedra :)

Hanging at the park with Tia Marlene! This was in January at his cousin, Samuel's 4th birthday party!

Playing with his cousin Sydney!

Early January at Zilker Park. I can't believe how much he's growing.

Bath time at Nana's house!

Hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's bed a few months ago. Look he had no teeth! Sweet boy!

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