Saturday, August 15, 2009

One more day...

We went in to get a sonogram today and the eggs need a little more time to cook. There are a good number and they look strong. Tonight I'll take my last shot of "Wheaties" and we'll see the doctor again tomorrow morning. And tomorrow night we'll take the "trigger shot." This pushes the retrieval back to Tuesday instead of Monday.

Our hearts feel very peaceful about all of this.

A few weeks ago, Felipe and I asked Dr. Silverberg if we could go into the lab where our children will be conceived and pray over our potential embryos. We asked again today and Dr. Silverberg called the head guy in charge of the lab. A few people have spoken to us about the man who runs the Austin IVF lab leading us to believe that he might be a believer. We have been praying for favor in this matter. It feels very important to us. We overheard Silverberg's conversation asking him if we could come into the lab and pray over them. Without hesitation, the man said yes and we got the thumbs up!! The picture I have is of Ezekiel prophecying over the dry bones. The bones began to move and come together, but there was no life until God told Ezekiel to prophecy the WIND. We want to pray for the Holy Spirit to come and breath His life where He may and withhold life where it should not be. We have also spent time putting together a prayer of blessing over our children. I feel so blessed and in awe that this is happening. Dr. Silverberg is a Jewish man with rich Jewish roots. His wife is President of the Texas Hillel (the Jewish student community at UT). From Silverberg's initial response we guessed that no one had ever asked him if they could go into the lab before. It's a multi-million dollar, clean-room embryology facility. They do a lot to protect it and the embryos. When I shared the story of Ezekiel with Silverberg, he wanted to make it happen. We have really grown to love Kaylen Silverberg a lot. He truly has been an amazing blessing for us.

I will write another post prior to the retrieval just to remind and ask everyone to pray. That is day our child(ren) will be conceived.

Please continue to pray for me and our little eggs. This time is crucial for them. Please pray that they don't release on their own (stay in there little buddies!). One more day of wheaties!! And please pray for endurance for me. My mind more than my body is growing tired of getting poked with needles :) Today I went to give blood for an estrogen test. The sweet man in the lab stuck me and missed my vein completely. So he had to stick me again. That makes 4 shots today instead of 3. I'll go again in the morning. Bummer. :)

Thank you all so much. Truly. Thank you.


Carol said...

I am so glad that you are going to be able to go in and pray - that's amazingly wonderful. I'm sorry about all the needles - that must be pretty tiring for you. Thank you for keeping us updated as you journey through this. We will be praying for you and Felipe.

Anonymous said...

so proud of you leigh! you are always so amazingly joyful no matter how you feel or what is happening. truly thankful for you and felipe! am praying for you!!!

Amy said...

We prayed for you this morning! Prophesy over those little eggs!!!!! You are both such an encouragement and example through this. Grow little eggs, grow!!!!!
amy and jonathan