Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Conception Day!!!

Getting going!

Hi friends. The egg retrieval went very well. The doctor said I was a great little chicken! :) The procedure itself only took about 20 minutes and I was under anesthesia for about 30 minutes. I'm feeling pretty good... still in a bit of pain and loving Vicoden at the moment :) I'm at home resting and Felipe is taking good care of me. Felipe's mom brought us lunch along with bags and bags of groceries. Sooo wonderfully sweet. She's so loving and a great mom to us. We feel our heavenly Father's gentle hand caring for us as well. I wasn't nervous at all about the procedure. Actually, I was so excited that throughout the night I woke up a couple of times and looked at the clock, thinking "is it time yet? when will it be time?!"

We got to speak at length today with Tom, the man in charge of the embryology lab. He told us exactly what would be happening with the eggs. And he helped us arrange a time to come back tomorrow to pray over our then embryos. We will go at 2pm to the lab and put on the fun, clean gear to go see our little ones in their incubator. Tom was very kind and patient with us (it was definitely apparent that no one has done this before.)

The doctor told us that we should expect to go in for the transfer of 2 embryos back into my uterus on Friday. Though, there is a small chance that they will wait until Sunday to do it. Felipe and I just can't believe all this is happening. It feels so surreal and amazing. Right?!!

I took a few pics that I'll share with you guys. If any of this is written poorly, I blame Vicoden. Smile.

In my morphine-filled brain I thought it was a good idea to bring that hat home.
It's in my bag!

Isn't this funny! They just had to let everyone know.

I love my fuzzy socks that my sweet hubby got me!

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larkin said...

Will be praying tmw at 2pm with you both..Expecting, Expecting, Expecting...Love, Larkin