Friday, June 3, 2011

Deep Thoughts...

So, this morning I opened my email and got several "pray for this or that" emails.  One is an invitation to a prayer walk tomorrow in Austin, one is a blogger who is on a Compassion International trip working with starving children in the Philippines, one is a Campus Crusade missionary asking for prayer for funds, one is a man from my church asking people to help with the disaster relief efforts in Joplin, MO... seriously all these emails just today and it's not even 8:30am.  In the midst of reading these emails and not exactly sure how to respond to them in the middle of my morning routine here in Austin, TX, I look over at my now 1 year-old son in his highchair.  He was looking at me with big eyes that were asking "give me some more waffle please."  All of a sudden, I felt this gush of pleasure over him. Sheer joy. I teared up even.  It had to be something that God let me feel this morning.  I  realized how sweet and innocent he is... and how unaware of the world's problems he is.  He can't do one thing about them.  He doesn't desire to jump on a plane to go save children or to send all his money to help.  He just wants "more waffle, please"... well, most of the time there is no "please!" And God couldn't be more pleased with him.  God expects nothing more from Lucas... and neither do I.

My heart changed toward the emails I received.  I said a short prayer asking for God's help and presence in all those situations.  And I felt at peace.  That's what I had to give to those efforts this morning.  And I believe God is pleased with that.