Monday, March 30, 2009

grow little eggs grow!

Today we saw 7 eggs growing in my ovaries!

One week ago Felipe began giving me injections of fertility medicine to help the ovaries do their thing. We had no idea that they would produce 7! I thought maybe 3. On Wednesday, I'll take a different medicine to cause the eggs to release into their journey through the fallopian tubes. If all goes as planned, on Thursday and Friday, we go into the doctor's office for a "procedure" called an IUI that will hopefully fertilize a couple of these (please not all 7!) little eggs. And then we wait.

I laugh telling Felipe that he has to come to the appointment with me so that we can at least hold hands while we possibly conceive our child! And I laugh telling the nurses in the office that I'm so glad we get to share the moment with them! :) They smile with compassionate eyes. Felipe has gotten so comfortable in the gynocologist's office that he regularly weighs and measures himself on the scales in the room. He opens drawers. But he dares never to touch the dreaded table!

This has been a journey!

Just recently there has been a new piece of art put up in our church. It's a wall with the words:
I waited
and waited
and waited
for the Lord.

In the midst of all the medicine, surgeries and doctors, I get confused and forget that we are waiting for the Lord. Science is not the Creator. That belongs to One. I'm glad to be reminded of the truth. And once again, I turn my eyes to Heaven and I wait. Wait for Hope. Wait for Mercy. Wait for God alone to move. Wait for God to use the tools we have before us.

And I remember that we have waited. Hope deferred. It really does make a heart grow sick. And just when you think you can't wait anymore, something. Something lifts you. This time, I feel like I was lifted by my friends. I cried out and asked some friends to hope for me. To pray for me. I just couldn't hope anymore. Today, I hope. Thank you friends. And sweet Jesus.

Please remember our little eggs this week as you pray. Grow little eggs grow!! And let there be life on the other side of all this! And don't worry about the 7! They are not all mature enough to release and the doctor tweaked my meds a little to keep that from happening. I'm not out to be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly! Just barefoot, pregnant and in my kitchen!