Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well, hello friends!

Our birth mom is being induced 3 weeks from today!!! All this is happening so fast and then again, the baby just can't come fast enough. I don't know how everyone waits 9 months! Then again, I know a little of what waiting feels like. So, today, I celebrate. If all goes as planned, we'll have our little one in 21 days.

And... I'm in full-on NESTING mode...

Flower beds newly mulched and without weeds... Check!

Crib put together... Check!
I put that teddy bear in there to see if I could reach the baby :) It's a stretch, but I think I can. We might have to take the legs off the bed! The crib was a gift from Felipe's parents and the glider was a gift from our neighbors. Thanks!!

Cleaned the fabric on my most recent (most awesome) Craigslist purchase... Check!
Love the new Bugaboo stroller... it comes with the toddler seat too and the car seat attachment!! One stroller that does it all!! We'll have it forever and we got it for a less than 1/3 of the price!! But I might just have to put some pink on it if it's a girl!

Washed the newborn clothes I got from my sister-in-law... Check!
Thanks Debs!

Is it a boy?

Or a girl?

Organized baby's first book... Check!

Isn't that fun!? We also just got our home study completed and I'm mailing it to the lawyer today... along with copies of everything you ever wanted to know about Leigh and Felipe! From our diplomas, to our birth certificates to our dog's vaccinations... you name it, it's in that package!

Today, we remain at 89% of our financial goal! Only $1300 to go!! It's truly amazing to watch how the Lord is providing through you our community. If you're planning on giving, now's the time. Just yesterday, Felipe took some checks to the bank to deposit. Apparently, the same girl has been there for each time he's made deposits of adoption money (with "adoption" written in the memo). So, yesterday she mentioned it and said how she loved what we were doing and thanked us for adopting :) She said she wanted to see pictures of the baby! I love that this story is touching so many people. Thank you all for being involved the way you have been. And thank you for your prayers for us, for our birth mom and for the baby! I wrote her another letter last week. I love the growing relationship that we have.

Several people have asked what we need. Thank you for asking. For now, I think we have everything needed to get us started minus the car seat, which I'm getting next week. A shower is being planned for after we get home with the baby and I've registered at Buy Buy Baby and ThethingsIwant.com. (I'm using cloth diapers. Those and accessories listed there). So stay tuned! By the way, if you look at the BBB registry right now, it's a bit overwhelming b/c I registered for boy stuff and girl stuff. I knew I wouldn't have time to go back after the baby comes, so I'll delete one half of it over the internet after baby comes :)

Thanks everyone!


Virtue said...

everything looks so great Leigh, the organizing the baby books was funny. One book! I'll be sure to add to your collection soon. AHHHHHH!!! 21 days...it will go by so fast! You did a great job cleaning up the stroller. I can't wait to see it. xxxooo, Corina

Christine said...

89%!!! Let's see the updated thermometer!

Katie said...

This whole story is so exciting, God is good! I can't believe you'll have a baby in 21 days!!

About the crib (we just put our together too) remember the mattress will make it a tad higher. I was worried about the same thing when first seeing ours.

HUGE congratulations and can't wait to find out more about this baby!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Felipe and Leigh!! Can't wait to see your little one. We're so excited.
Love you

Tia and Tio

TnT said...

Wanna come nest at my house? I can't get motivated to clean out the rest of our baby's future room. :) Love the bookshelf. You could also put a little step stool next to the crib.