Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Crib for my birthday!!!

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday! And it was a happy day! I got to go to Babies R' Us on a date (decided not to register there!) and was taken out to lunch. My sweet heart mom-in-law brought me a basket of baby goodies and helped me paint a bookshelf for the baby's room. One friend brought me flowers and another made me a cake! Oh and did I mention the crib? It came in the mail yesterday!!! It was a happy day!

I also want to update everyone on the fund raising. We have raised 64%!! That's great! We still need to raise $4500! Thank you everyone for your amazing generosity! We are truly blessed. Tears came to our eyes yesterday as we opened gifts from you our friends and family.

Please continue to tell your friends and family and donate if you like! We're almost there :) It will be so fun to introduce our little bundle!



Katie said...

Leigh, we are getting rid of Molly's changing table - do you guys want it? Let me know!

feleighpe said...

Thanks Katie! But I got one with the crib... just forgot to mention it. Thanks.