Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Amazing Aviator OWL!?

Lucas dressed up Saturday for the 3rd annual Mueller Halloween Carnival (well, his mommy went way overboard making a costume that he could care less about and then she put him in it!). It's here I'll give my thanks to Martha Stewart who creates many amazing crafty things that I get myself into but then regretfully realize that Martha doesn't read "Real Simple" Magazine. So, his costume took me at least 10 hours to make, but....

He was a very cute little owl!

And we as new parents delighted in seeing our little boy being so adorable. What is it about dressing kids up that brings us such joy? What drove me to spend 10 hours making a costume that he didn't want nor will he remember?! Oh well, it truly was delightful to see him in it!

Here's a few pictures of Lucas, the amazing aviator owl!

Getting ready...

The complete outfit!

At the carnival. Lucas, the Owl and Maximo, the bat! Maximo is one month older
than Lucas and lives down the street.

I think those cheeks will keep this little one on the ground!

Family shot.

Lucas and Mommy!

And one more time... the cutest owl that ever lived!


Corina Sims said...

love love love the aviator owl! you did a great job on the costume. Good thing you didn't come trick-or-treating to my door with him, I would've dumped all the candy in his basket. Irresistible!

cecilia said...

you outdid yourself leigh! he looks awesome! and he's so big! i can't believe how old he'll be by the time we see him again:( love y'all!

*kim* said...

That is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!! I'm so proud of your craftiness, Cousin! ;) Lots of Arkansas love to you all.

Reid&Laura said...

Oh my goodness!! He really Is the cutest owl ever...!

S. A. Porcher said...

This is very cute. Have you ever heard of the actual Aviator Owls?