Thursday, July 23, 2009

the wait draws to a close...

I got a call yesterday from my IVF nurse and she said we are ready to get started. Woo Hoo! Felipe and I will go in to the office next Tuesday for a sonogram (just to make sure the cyst is still shrinking and there's nothing new, we pray God). Then Felipe and I will meet with the nurse to go over all the details and for him to get a refresher course on giving his wife injections. :( Next Wednesday we will start the first medication. About a week later we will start the second medication which will be the "stimulation" phase of this process. The 2nd medication will stimulate the eggs in my ovaries to maturity. Wow, as I write all of this, I'm getting excited to just get started! I've done my best to prepare myself for the physical and emotional toll of "the process." And now, I'm just excited.

We need and would like your prayers as we go through this process. As I say often, we know we do not walk alone. I believe that prayer has sustained us over the last couple of years. I know God has been so gracious to us.

Here are a few specific things that we'd like prayer for:
1. That my body would continue to prepare for this process over the next 2 weeks: that my womb would grow stronger and that no cysts or endometrosis will grow and that what is there would diminish completely.
2. That Felipe and I be restful and not anxious during this time. That the peace of God would be in our hearts and minds. And that we would be very intentional about resting. Please pray for me that I would not stress.
3. That each step along the way be "successful." Each phase of the process prepares the way for the next, so we pray for my eggs to be strong, for life to concieve and then implant and remain in my uterus.
4. We call upon our Merciful Father and ask for life, for a baby... or two :) We would happily welcome twins.

Thank you all so much.

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