Monday, July 19, 2010

Life With Baby...

Is Different!!!

We are having such a good time with our little one AND our lives have been flipped over with lots of what we are calling "different"... not worse or bad, just "different".

Things that are different:

1. Efficiency feels not just different, but out of the realm of possibility! It used to take about 5 minutes to leave the house... lock doors, feed dog, close door, start car, etc. Now it takes over an hour! Feed baby, change baby, make bottles, pack diaper bag, fasten baby in car seat, feed dog (has the dog even been out today?), let dog out, put baby in car, close door, start car, go back in b/c inevitably forgot something baby will need, leave house! Whew! I have a feeling that my love for efficiency will be challenged from here on out. It may be years before I can leave the house in under 5 minutes again. What I'm really thinking is that efficiency is just getting redefined.

2. Home-life is different. I'm at home a lot more. I used to run around and not worry if I wasn't going to be home for hours. Now we leave in 2-3 hour increments. Most babies at this age are pretty mobile. Lucas is "different". I think he might just be an extrovert because if we are out and about, that little one is not sleeping! He's looking around and taking it all in. He could care less about sleeping no matter how hard you try. But then, sadly, he gets way overtired and it becomes painful for all involved :( When we get home, he's out like a light! So, I'm homebound. Which has it's perks and it's un-perks (being an extrovert myself).

3. Sleep looks WAY different! Though, last night I got my first 5 hour stretch since Lucas has arrived! It was magnificent!! Up until a few days ago, getting 4 hours of sleep was only in my imagination. I had mainly been getting 2-3 hour stretches at a time. But he hit a little growth spurt or something and now we are getting 3-4 and last night the amazing 5! Awww! He's growing up! Our sleep positions look differently too as you can see below. Keep that pacifier in at all cost!

4. My overall disposition seems different. Felipe gave me a few hours of "me" time the other day and I went to hang out with girlfriends. The whole time I was gone, I felt like something was missing... like an appendage or something. For 7 weeks now I've had this new little being attached to me and he was not there. It felt so strange to be without him. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was nice to have a few hours of "me" time, but it was strange. I feel different.

5. Our house looks different! There are many more bright colors in here and new pieces of furniture (the oh-so-glorious swing! what would I do without it?), toys, activity mats, etc! It looks different in here!

6. I feel differently toward my dog, which is weird. I love Jake, the dog, very much. But I feel like I used to love him more than I do now. Or maybe I've grown in love and the love I had for Jake now seems pale in comparison to the love I have for Lucas!? Is that too deep? :) Nevertheless, it's something I've noticed is different. Poor Jakey! He does get less attention from me than he did. But with all the visitors, he's not neglected.

7. Eating is different! I've learned to eat in under 5 minutes! And it might not be hot. Hot food is excellent, warm food is doable, cold food and I'd rather try again later.

8. Summertime is different. I feel like I'm missing it all together. It's just too hot to take him out. We tried walking one day last week and it's just too much. I'm so pale, you'd think it was winter. I do miss the pool and that summertime glow and highlighted hair. Next summer, I can't wait to meet you! Lucas, me and you and some sunblock!! It's gonna be great! Uh-oh, what if we have another one by then!? Just kidding. :) Maybe.

8. The middle of the night is different! I'm actually aware of it for one thing. It's quiet and peaceful and it's the time I get Lucas all to myself. It's also very hard. The other night as I drug myself out of bed at 2am I thought back to a time when I used to find it very difficult when parents would complain about their children... and about getting up in the middle of the night with them. I would think to myself, "I'd give my left arm for those 2 am feedings." And I would have. Though today, I have more compassion for parents around the world getting up in the middle of the night. It is very hard to go without sleep. Though, it's worth a left arm if you have to give that! I'm thankful I didn't. And I'm thankful for my middle of the nights with Lucas.

All this DIFFERENT... is totally priceless in my book. I'll end with some pictures, as I know that's what everyone is waiting for! He is adorable I tell ya! Man, I'm so in love.

This morning, doing a little stretching.

Playing with Daddy last night. He's smiling daily now!
It's so amazing to see that little face light up!

Jake likes to play on the tummy-time blanket too! He actually brings Lucas his toy every morning, which is what he does when he wants you to play with him! Someday!

Look at that face!

His stunned or "I'm so tired I can't think" look.

He loved mirror time with Gran-Lilly! He misses Gran-Lilly!

Little chipmunk sittin' on those cheeks!


CBS Broadcast said...

love the pictures!! he's so freaking cute. thanks for the update.

Carol said...

Wow - life is soooo different for you - thanks for giving us a "picture" of your life right now - I'm so happy for you all and yes he is very cute!

Katie said...

I love your reflections in this post and Lucas is too cute, the chipmunk cheeks and tired face are my favs!!

Katie said...

ah, yes, welcome to motherhood! :) no matter what anyone tells you ahead of time, you have no real understanding of that reality until you're in it - and it's the hardest and best thing that's ever happened. :) congrats, leigh, he is sooooo precious!