Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lucas' first week!

Here are a few pics of the first few days with our little boy! Oh my goodness, he's cute!

Sleepy Sleepy...

This one is after a little sponge bath!

It has been amazing! We just love him so much. He has entertained us for hours... in the hours of the wee mornin' I might add :)

He's been to his first pediatrician appointment (doing great!) and tomorrow he gets circumsized. Felipe and I went on our first date without baby today. We read that in a book that you should do that within the first 10 days!

I'll try to write more later. For now, we are adjusting to life with a new family member and our roles as mom and dad. Thanks everyone for all your love and support!


*kim* said...

Wow! He is amazing.
I love his snarl in that last pic!!! :)

He's like "Mom will you stop already!!!!"

Lisa said...

He is so amazingly sweet! I can't wait to see him in person!

reginacavalcanti said...

I follow the journey of you and I'm very happy!
God bless you!

CBS Broadcast said...

ohhhh what a cute little squish!! he's so sweet. I'm so happy for you guys to have a mommy and daddy role!!!

Carol said...

I'm so excited for you all - I am feeling your joy at this tremendous gift!

Katie said...

Joy joy joy down in my heart! He is amazing. Praying the transition into parenthood is smooth for you both. I sense that the overwhelming joy will get you both through!!

Alice said...

he is just too cute leigh! congrats! i'm so happy for you!!!