Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The first 3% has come in!!! Thanks!!

As of today, we have 3% of what we need! Pretty amazing! Beginnings matter in the big scheme of things! So, thanks everyone who has been a part of the beginning! See instructions on the left for how to give if you'd like to.

I wrote this somewhere else as well, but I keep thinking of Jesus' stories about stopping for the One. (The one coin, the one sheep, the one lost son who was then found). And how He used these stories to tell us how all of heaven rejoices over one. I keep thinking the One is our story is our baby. It amazes me how our community is stopping for the one.

This baby will be ours because we all stopped. Pretty cool huh? Thank you so much for following us. We are overwhelmed by our first week in this new journey!

Thanks Moriah for the Thermometer...

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